Hey Dolls and Gents,

It has been a long as stressful week ! It seeems like things are getting better. I recently was in a car accident! Oh my, I was so scared. I was coming from my sisters apartment heading to my home which is about a hour away from where the accident happen. I approached a red light to make a left turn. I seen another vehicle approaching the red light that was accross from me. The car put on there left turn signal and started to turn left when the light turned green. The car decided instead of turning left they decided to correct and go foward while I was making my left turn. Well as you know we collided. The other party car was damaged on the front end of there car. I had damages on the front of my car. The other party's car did not have any damage on the side or the back of the car. When we go out the car of coarse the other party stated that I hit them. The other party jumped out of there car turned off the car and there turning signals. The two ladies started cursing me out and getting all in my face for no reason. The police showed up on t he scene and stated that they would have a state tropper handle the accident! The ladies made calls to family members to come to the accident. Well here it goes again. Once again her mother decides to cuse me out. So then they decided to call there aunts and uncle to the scene to witness the accident. Okay now i am becoming more and more upset. So the Aunt and Uncle told fabricated stories about the incident to the state tropper while the ladies proceeded to the Hospital. This past week has been crazy and I am so glad that it is over!

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