Electronic Haul!!!

Hey Guys!

I know it has been a while since I last added a post! I have been extremly busy with Shopping! I recently done a Electronic Haul on youtube! Please check out the video it has lots of information for you on the Canon T4I, HP Pavillion 15.6 Laptop, Great tripod, Wii, Microsoft office suite, and Titanium Internet security software! These products are awesome. If you are interested in buying any of these items go to WWW.BESTBUY.COM. Order them online and then you can pick them up in a store nearest to you if they are available. If the items are not available then they can ship them to you! The prices are better if you purchase online. The Canon T4I was orginally $899.99 and i got it for $849.99. I also recieved the Titanium Internet Security software for Free with the purchase of the Microsoft Office Student software! If you are a student you can get the Microsoft Office Student this will include all the Microsoft Word, Excell, Powerpoint, outlook and Access! The Tripod is awsome and sturdy! it has removable stand on the top to so if you need to remove the camera you do not have to unsccrew from the mount. Over I love this item because it is more convient! I have not opened the Wii yet because I have been really busy setting up the laptop and the camera. I will include a update on the pros and cons of all the items once I have played with them more!

My computer runs super fast and the camera takes awesome pictures. Please view this video thumbs me up, comment and subscribe to my youtube channel! Feel free to email me for more videos or tutorial request!  Thanks!

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