Long Time no HEAR. lol

HI Peeps!!!!

It has been a long time but I am back. Between school and starting a new job my time was limited. I would like to start off by saying I hope that your summer has been wonderful. Mine was okay besides a great amount of things happened that were unexpected. This fall and winter I plan on studying really hard to finish up my Masters Degree in Information Technology. I became a little frustrated this summer because finding employment  in your education field has been a straight bummer for me. It felt as if every job that I wanted to apply for was asking for you to have 3-5 years of previous experience. I guess you know the outcome to that. I am determined to not allow this to bother me anymore. My goals are to continue to strive and work my hardest to achieve all I would like to achieve.

Far as the beauty life this summer was very slow for me. I was not super excited about anything much. I started wearing lots of fiery and bright colors. I honestly got a little carried away with the bright colors.  the beginning of the summer I colored my SeKrets Virgin Hair Extensions a bright red. To bring in fall colors i decided early part of this week to color my hair a Copper Red. I am loving this new hair color. I relaxed it out this summer with bright nail colors such as Bright Yellows and Bright Greens.

This summer I really enjoyed wearing beautiful sun dress and knee length dresses. I purchased lots of cute dresses from my favorite boutique SeKrets. I had a couple of major events I went to this summer. So i had to make sure I was FLY.

The weather here in Charleston, SC has been nice this summer besides all the rain. The days that it was not raining it was SUPER HOT. I enjoyed hanging out at the pool and beaches this year. I really enjoyed the barbecues we had this SUMMER.

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