Hi Peeps,

Its been a while but I am back!!! Lets see... I want to hear from you guys. Lets chat it up about whatever is  on your mind. I will be posting in this blog at least 2-3 times. Let me hear from you. Whatever is on your mind post it in the comments because I got some answers. 

Lets start with Fashion 2014!!!!Yes HUNTY I am Ready for the summer. Currently I am working on some HOTT Dress. I have been watching lots of Mimi G's Style Channel on youtube. She is absolut
ely AWESOME. Her and Randy G are a phenomenal couple and a Joy to watch. Her Style Channel does help beginners who like to sew. 

Back in 2005 I opened a small business that tailored to swimwear. So I have experience on the machine. But to tell you the truth I was kind of rusty on the machine. By watching Mimi G's Style Channel it definitely helped me tighten up on my skills. 

Summer Collection will include lots of Maxi Dresses and Midi Dress. Hopefully I can get some rompers as well. 

Far as my hair... I just removed my poetic justice braids which are a awesome protective style. I will be installing my new SeKrets Hair & More Curly unit Click Here . As soon as I install I will give you a mini review and lookbook of my style. 

Lets Talk!!!! You ask because I have answers!!!


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