1st Me Time Journal- Family Reunion IDEAS

This month has been awesome. Not to forget my Birthday was absolutely Awesome in JULY. The early part of the month I was getting ready for my family reunion. My family has not had a reunion or any type of family event in 22 years. To top it off  I was assisting with planning the event this year. If I sit here and say it was not a task I would be straight up LYING. I realized when families are separated and some not speaking it is extremely hard to put together an event. Although, my family may have its issues the reunion came together and family members who had not spoke to each other in years were finally speaking. Through this journey my emotions were all over the place. I started the reunion planning by 1st learning my history and my family members. I utilized facebook for online savy members and public records for older members. When I tell the internet is a powerful tool you betta listen. I was able to contact all my family members through social networking, email and mail for the older generation. In which I found all the mailing addresses I needed from the internet. I used some of my information technology skills to build a website. Building a website to house information for the entire family allows everyone to be in the loop of all information and events.

After establishing contact information for everyone it then opened a avenue for me to talk with everyone and see what the reason for the separation in my family. I assured them that I would help make any accommodations for them if it was in my power. I let them know that I am working for them and in order for this to be a success I would need there families support. Our planning committee set up family ambassadors for each child of my grandparents and so on. The ambassadors were responsible for informing each member of the reunion.

I thought about the sepeartions and how sometimes its hard to have a reunion with a high dollar amount. I decided to have a donation box for all those that wanted to donate. All the events and the Reunion were FREE and we just wanted to be BACK together AGAIN.

The event was very touching but most importantly we learned our history and had pure fun in AUGUST 2015!

If you would like more detailed information about starting and organizing a family reunion please feel free to email me at richgirlstylez@gmail.com or comment below.

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