DONT throw that rice away!!! NO THROW AWAY RICE IDEAS.


Save money and save time. As a little girl my grandmother never threw food away. Growing up my grandmother rarely gave us sweets unless she baked a cake or pie. But I would love when she cooked rice and we would have left overs. With leftover rice she would prepare a sweet treat, Rice Pudding!!! Hum hum hum....
The recipe can be served cold or warm. Can also be served with milk on the top. Boy does this treat make your home smell delicious.  My grandmother normally would prepare this after dinner to calm that sweet tooth.

 In my southern home we used rice for many meals. If we did not use the left over rice we would have it for lunch the next day. Although, I did not grow up with this southern dish I found that it is very delicious and saves money. My boyfriend was raised on a recipe call egg and rice with bacon. One morning I smelt the good ole bacon around lunchtime. I instantly thought that he was preparing either brunch or a good bacon cheeseburger. Well I was wrong he brought me egg and rice with bacon.  

To give the egg and rice more flavor its perfect with a squirt of ketchup or soy sauce. 
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