Update: Life Cronicles

Hi Gems,

Its been a while since I posted on my blog. It should be a little easier for me to post know that I have completed my final exams for my May-mester legal class. The class was extremely time consuming and really made you put your thinking cap on. This legal class consisted of constitutional and common law. My second legal class covered criminal law. The classes were an accelerated class and provided so much information. I really enjoyed the class because it provides a understanding of advanced torts and criminal procedure.

Overall, my summer has been very busy as to planning my 2nd family reunion and attending my legal class. I will put together a essentials guide for my legal classes. If you would like to see a essential guide for planning a family reunion please visit my Family Reunion Blog here.

My plans for this summer are to blog more about my life because I am a very private person and I am wanting to break the shyness. I plan on trying my hand at the vlogging, decor tours, and uploading essential guides.

As far as family reunion... I have been working hard on our theme for this year. Our theme is "Our Story". "Our Story" is a theme that I built that will bring the information of my family from the early years to my family. The reason that I have been working so hard is because alot of my family do not know each other. I will say that at one time I was one of those people. Until I started trying to plan a reunion and did not know who to contact because I did not know anyone really. I blame you mom and dad... lol, just playing...When I moved to Charleston I felt as if I moved and lost major contact with family.  But that what these reunions are for is to get us together to rekindle and meet each other. Although, at times it feels as if I am fighting a losing battle. I know that one day all the efforts that I have put foward will be appreciated even if its not for my generation but for my generations children. I want our legacy to continue and not be forgotten. Or should I say never learned... As a historian I had the opportunity to do the entire family tree for the McJimpsey Family. Omg did I  find so much information that will make you say WOW. But I gotta save that for the blogs.

Far as projects I have been working on. I completed  2 ottomans and painted a wingback chair.
I will post pictures on my IG and facebook.