2018 Speed Cleaning Family Room

After all the Christmas Clean up, my home had a lot of glitter on the floor and walls. To top it off,  as we were removing the Christmas tree... the tree got caught on the drapes and pulled them down. I had to repair the wall and put the drapes back up. All the debris from the wall repair was on the mantle and the floor. 

The products that I like to use are part Odo Ban and part water. I clean the walls and the mantle with the mixture not only does it give you a wonderful smell it also is a antibacterial product. I know I am always raving about this product but it provides your home with awesome smell and cleans your home wonderfully. I use the lavendar scent in my laundry because it protects your laundry from mold and mildew. I use the lemon scent in my kitchen and the euclayptus in the bathrooms. 

Also my favorite leather Cleaner from FCP: Furniture Care Protection wwww.furniturecareprotection.com . I clean all my furniture with this cleaner. I not only cleans, and moisturizes. It also provides a beautiful shine to your furniture. I purchased this protection kit from Ashley Furniture Home Store.

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